EIC Accelerator to fund 96 organisations with €177M+

EIC will support about 96 organisations' innovative projects to bring their innovations faster onto the market.

The awarded projects include:

  • a hybrid simulation platform for neurosurgery

  • a recyclable kitchen countertop stone

  • a technology replicating the rain process to supply sustainable drinking water

  • an anti-metastatic cancer vaccine

  • a kite collecting wind energy

  • an air quality mapping technology with high-spatial resolution

  • a periscopic stereo depth camera

  • and many more!

96 small companies receive support to speed up the pace of their innovation with €177 million

The European Commission will support 96 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from 20 countries under the EIC Accelerator. The total amount to be distributed between the SMEs working on 96 projects is € 176.975 million. Under this strand of the EIC Pilot, each project will receive up to €2.5 million to finance innovative activities such as demonstration, testing, piloting, and scaling up. The companies will also benefit from 12 days of free business coaching and acceleration services.

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